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"Norridge" - Terry's Features Pages

The Pubs

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Norwich Area Pubs - Old and New

Pubs are listed within a 4-mile radius of  Norwich Castle.
For geographical details (including 6 defined 'divisions') -
see  scope of survey.
  • Most pubs recorded since 1760 are included.
  • Pubs of earlier dates are included, if location is known.
  • Those 18th Century pubs,  not surviving  into
         the 19th C., are mostly listed separately.
  • Pubs still in business are given special attention.
Pubs Main Menu
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Presentation Methods
Unlike some other pubs sites, it is organised
geographically,  sometimes street by street.

But there are full  alphabetical  indices of
pub-names.  Current  RE-names, wantonly
imposed on old pubs, are indexed  separately.

Several other related matters are covered,
especially regarding breweries, licensing etc.

Visitor Options
There are 5 sections of the  pubs  website.
(Not the 6 geographical divisions !!)

It can be quite useful (recommended, even)
to see  all 5  at once, and in some  detail.
This is done by clicking on  Pubs Main Menu
shown above; including the boozy fellow.

Bar Pumps

Photo : acknowledgements to the   Trafford Arms     

  On the other hand, if this seems too daunting; or there is haste to
  find  the actual pubs, here is a panel of separate (short-cut) links :-

1.  General Information

2.  FINDING the pubs

3.  Demise of the pubs

  Current Events
4.  Renewal of the pubs

5.  Special Topics
        (by subject headings
          or Alphabetical)

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