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Norfolk Talk, Dictionary and Tales

3. Important Links

1. : Acknowledgements

Keith Skipper's book "Larn Yarself Norfolk"
(See BIBLIOGRAPHY) is highly recommended
(in fact, is compulsory reading); and is frequently
referred-to in all that follows.

Skipper provides an immensely long list of
"Norfolk" words in alphabetical order. There is
no point in re-inventing that particular wheel :
so this present effort lists "ordinary" English
words with their dialect equivalent.

Working from this dictionary, through Skipper's
index, will provide the fullest information
(outside of the text itself).

Other acknowledgements are far too numerous
to mention : consisting of parents, **grandparents,
relatives, neighbours and friends throughout
our Fine City; plus, in particular, the important
boroughs of Great Yarmouth and Thetford.

** N. B.  As a Norriger, I must put on record that
my maternal grandmother was born (c. 1871)
in the  Norfolk  village of  Etling Green  : so small
a village that the nearest "town" was Mattishall !

2. : Motivations

General influences and sources of inspiration are
another matter; and the following eminent names
(sadly, mostly deceased) come readily to mind.
The first three have strong connections with the
Castle Museum.

Dick Bagnall-Oakeley (formerly on the
        Museums Committee)
Geoffrey Goreham ("Mr. Norwich")
Rachel Young (leading local historian & teacher)
Eric Fowler ("Jonathan Mardle") :
Keith Skipper (again!, but in his radio capacities)
Cliff & Pauline Godbold of Aylsham
      (and other notable folk-singers)
Various Masters  at the City of Norwich School.

    (Who thought it better to  sound  Scottish,
    and be incomprehensible; than be understood
    speaking in the local dialect. They seemed
    unaware of the strong Scots connections . . .)
Len Stevenson  and other leading local
politicians, who achieved great things without ever
finding it necessary to disown their humble roots.

3. : Important Links

I take a little pride in publishing my original
website in 1998,  just  before the founding -
in 1999 - of the  Friends of Norfolk Dialect.

The founder was none other than Keith Skipper,
mentioned above. He has recently been given the
well-deserved recognition of an M.B.E. award.

The Hon. President is the acclaimed academic
Prof. Peter Trudgill, also a former pupil at the
City of Norwich School.
Peter can be directly referenced by his
entry in "Wikipedia"

  The current Chairman of FoND is Colin Burleigh.

The FoND website also features
Dick Bagnall-Oakeley (1908 - 1974).
Already mentioned, he was principally a
naturalist, but is now regarded as a pioneer and
leading-light in the preservation of the dialect.

Keith Skipper's latest survey of Norfolk Slang
(in the very recent 2018). can be observed -
in its own local place. Just  click here.

Thanks to everybody.

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